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A – Z Namibia Business Directory 2003 - Introduction page

A – Z Namibia Business Directory 2003
International Edition

Welcome to the A-Z Namibia Business Directory. The directory contains over 6,500 companies listed alphabetically with their business classification, physical & postal address, telecommunication contact details and contact person (where available).

There are two sections:

  •  Alphabetical Company Listing and
  • Classified Business Listing

If more than one company name is listed, the first is the address of the Head Office or Main Branch

Feel free to use this copy and pass it on to a friend or colleague, note however the conditions in the notice below.

If you require more information on a company in Namibia, you can contact us for a comprehensive business report.

Kind regards

Milton Louw
NamBiz.Dot.Com cc

This directory is made available free to use in the MS Word format completed on 20 May 2003. Any other method of compiling and storing this data is expressly prohibited. The information in this directory remians the property of the publisher.

You may give copies of this document in electronic format as long as you include this notice. You may also distribute printed copies (including this notice) as long as you do not charge a fee of more than USD 20,00 (twenty US dollars) per printed copy to offset paper costs.

Publisher:      NamBizDot.Com cc
Editor:           Milton Louw
Address:        Cantadorstrasse 13
                      40211 Duesseldorf
Tel:                + 49 211 1671 0
Fax:               49 211 1671 108

The publisher has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the correctness of information contained in this directory. However, the publisher does not guarantee such correctness and shall not be liable for any losses or damages which may arise in this respect, whether direct or indirect or consequential.

Copyright: 2003 cc, Duesseldorf, Germany

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